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New Web Site Launched!
Released: 04/23/2004
Check it out! We have a new web site. The URL is the same, The look, feel and features are MUCH better. We have integrated our secure client section with our CRM package (Support Call Tracking System) used internally to track your customer support tickets. Once you log in to the secure client section, you will be able to download your updates (yes, even SQL users), access technical documents (PDF format), download user manuals (PDF format), view FAQs, view and update any outstanding tickets, and submit new tickets.

With the integration to our internal CRM package we hope to make your customer support experience with us even more efficient than ever. When you submit a new ticket via our web site, it is automatically entered into our tracking system and an email is generated to SLS support notifying them a new ticket was submitted. You will get a confirmation email with the ticket number for future reference. If you have additional information on an existing ticket or just want to check the current status, log on to our site and look up your outstanding tickets. You may also add to those tickets comments. These are automatically entered into our internal CRM package and a notifying email is sent to the customer support rep for that ticket.

The next time you find yourself typing an email to customer support, sign on to our web site and submit a new ticket or look up an existing one and add your additional information.

We are very excited about our new web site. Take a few minutes to check it out. We welcome any feedback.

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