Lower Administrative Costs

With the SLS Triad, you won’t need extra staff. The SLS Triad handles all of your needs more efficiently, completely, and affordably.

You won’t require extra staff and time to handle complicated payroll situations — like employees working in multiple departments, different jobs, different states, in different worker’s compensation classes, etc.
You won’t need separate benefit applications/packages to monitor cafeteria plans, health benefits, and other voluntary employee deductions, because the SLS Triad is fully integrated and simplifies complex client needs and demands.
Cut your costs if you are processing thousands of checks each week through the benefit of savings with the SLS Triad import check reconciliation. This allows you to import the cleared check file directly from your or your client’s bank for complete reconciliation.

Using three methods of time-saving and error-reducing time entry, the SLS Triad gives you the edge for increased profitability.

Cut your costs if you are performing time-wasting, costly, error-prone multiple data-entry. The SLS Triad’s ONE-TIME data entry automatically prints payroll checks, automatically posts to general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, automatically prints time sheets, and automatically prints client, accounting, and management reports, such as client profitability reports, payroll liability reports, labor distribution reports, customized client invoices, and the most complete range of management reporting tools available.
The SLS Triad Time Clock Interface allows you to import payroll data directly from third party electronic time clock systems!