Improve Loss Control

In a business with thin and shrinking margins, acute attention to loss control can be a critical element of increased profitability — even to survival itself.

The Pre-Process Report is your "Final Filter", your critical quality/cost control check, indicating gross-to-net on each and every employee, showing what you are billing and your liability. You eliminate costly key punch errors and wasteful voiding of checks.
Another large area of potential losses comes from overstated worker’s compensation premiums, overstated disability premiums, and overstated state unemployment premiums. The SLS Triad system allows easy "Didn’t Work" employee flagging when clients fail to notify you of changes in employee’s work status, which seems to happen all too often, and at a cost to you.

"Before the SLS Triad, insurance deductions were a nightmare to verify!
-- SLS User

With the SLS Triad you can avoid potentially substantial losses on uncollected premiums — losses which have proved devastating to some professional employment firms — because ordinarily troublesome benefit tracking becomes more accurate, faster, simpler, and easier. If the terminals in your payroll area are cluttered with "Post It" notes as reminders to your staff; that’s a clear signal of danger that the SLS Triad can help eliminate.

"Before the SLS Triad, we had no way of evaluating client profitability, now we can evaluate each client separately!" -- SLS User

Could you be continuing to work for clients that are actually costing you money? Individual client profitability reports give you a handle on this condition for immediate attention.

It doesn’t take a lot and it doesn’t take long... for losses to hit your bottom line. The SLS Triad system puts more control at your fingertips.

The SLS Triad Accounts Receivable Aging Reports print by pay period or monthly increments to help you better monitor and control the critical area of your receivables.

"Before the SLS Triad, we had very few security measures, now fewer mistakes are made due to proper security levels!" -- SLS User

The extensive security levels of the SLS Triad allows you more flexibulity and complete control of exactly what access and what authority you decide to grant each user.
Proper security control eliminates unqualified clerks with "happy fingers" from making unauthorized changes that can result in costly, time consuming error corrections... or worse!