Enhanced Client Service

You provide better client service with fewer people doing fewer tasks at less cost to you!

The superior flexibility of the SLS Triad allows you to provide a full range of services — leased employees, payroll service, administrative, or temporary agency.
The integration, power, and flexibility of the SLS Triad helps you deliver on your promise to your clients by providing a Seamless Join of your company to your clients. You tailor the fully-integrated billing, invoicing, and reporting to meet the individual needs of each client.
With the R & R Report Writer you can provide an unparalleled range of analysis and reports as customized management tools for your clients limited only by the computer proficiency of your user(s).

"Before the SLS Triad, taxing an employee that worked in three different states was a nightmare, now it is so easy!" -- SLS User

The SLS Triad handles employees working different jobs, through multiple departments, in different states and in different workers compensation classes.
The SLS Triad fully supports daily, weekly, semi-monthly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually payrolls. Whatever your individual client needs or demands, the SLS Triad delivers!
The SLS Triad lets you deliver on individual client requests for special department numbers, special labor distribution reports, and special state-by-state set ups.

"Before the SLS Triad, I had to take benefits out of the employee file to process special checks, now I can just override in the Time Entry!" -- SLS User

The SLS Triad time entry overrides allow you to temporarily override employee amounts (taxes, benefits,etc.), client billing amounts (service fees, taxes, etc.), and company liability amounts ( taxes, etc.) for the most individualized client service. ( SLS has overrides in the time entry module on practically everything, so you are running the software, not vice versa! )