Now you can send email directly from inside of SLS. You can email any report, including the Pre Process Report, to any email address, i.e. clients, employees, vendors, and internal employees. SLS converts the standard report output to PDF format. The price is small and the benefit is great with this add on module. Contact sales for a price quote.

Custom Report Creation

If one of the over 500 reports offered with the SLS Triad does not meet your needs, then we can create a custom report for your company based on your request.

Logo & Signature Preparation

You can print your electronic signature directly on your check stock. This eliminates the need to manually sign each check or order stamps all the time. You can also print your company's logo on your check stock and invoice (and other reports in SLS-SQL version). We do conversions of signatures and logos to be compatible with The SLS Triad software.

Positive Pay and Bank Reconciliation

No more check fraud and no more time consuming balancing of the bank statement each month. The SLS Triad can create custom positive pay files for each of your banks. We can also create automatic bank reconciliation import files to coordinate with your banks.

Custom Training

The SLS Triad offers on site custom training to your company. Our trainer comes to your office and conducts training requested on specific topics from you. We also offer training over the Internet via WebEx on specific topics that can be covered in 1 to 2 hour sessions.

Data Conversion

The SLS Triad can convert your data from another system. If you are a new user and need your data moved from system X to SLS, we can do that. If you are an existing user, picked up a large client and need the data to be converted from the clients system, we can do that.


We offer custom consulting services pertaining to SLS.

Contact our sales department for prices and more details on any of these items. or 601-932-5227.